The Yekir Ha’Ivrit Award (Hebrew Notables Award) is granted yearly by the Council for Hebrew Language and Culture of North America since 2014. The award recipient is selected by a dedicated committee who seeks for Hebrew lovers, who by their work and enthusiasm advocate and promote the Hebrew Language and Culture in North America.

Yekir Ha’Ivrit Award recipients on behalf of the Council for Hebrew Language and Culture in North America

Professor Aharon Bar-Adon


Yekir Ha’Ivrit Award for 5775 was given to Professor Bar-Adon as a lifetime achievement award for his blessed activities in research, program & methods development and in strengthening Hebrew language studies worldwide. On his ongoing studies throughout the years, Professor Bar-Adon has promoted and empowered the field of Hebrew studies at the academy and was an inspiration to generations of both Hebrew students and teachers.

Professor Avraham Holtz


Yekir Ha’Ivrit Award for 5776, was given to Professor Holtz for his blesses active research, tutoring and enrichment of Hebrew language and culture studies. His known in depth work on S.Y. Agnon writing is considered a milestone in the field of literature interpolation, and was set a bar of excellency for teachers and students.

Professor Edna Amir-Coffin


Yekir Ha’Ivrit Award for 5777, was given to Professor Coffin who actively promoted the Hebrew language and literature in range of important activities, including research on Hebrew language in the middle ages, the work of leading Hebrew writers such as Shai Agnon, Aharon Appelfeld, Amos Oz and others, and for her work on building the platform that expanded the teaching of Hebrew and its literature, such as establishing the North American Association of Professors of Hebrew (NAPH) and serving as a leader for many annual conferences.

Dr. Alan Mintz


Yekir Ha’Ivrit Award for 5778 was awarded to the late Dr. Alan Mintz. Dr. Mintz excelled in his mastery of the Hebrew language, studied and wrote about the Hebrew language movement in the United States From the beginning of the 20th century. He edited the important masterpiece “Hebrew in America” and numerous books which made Shai Agnon’s works available to the English-speaking public and taught generations of students at Brandeis University, the Jewish Theological Seminary, and the University of Maryland how to appreciate Hebrew literature and recognize its complexity.

Prof. Vardit Ringwald


Yekir Ha’Ivrit Award for 5798 was awarded to Prof. Vardit Ringwald, who has been studying and researching Hebrew as a second language in North America for more than 30 years. Among her most important activities were the establishment of the Master’s Program in Hebrew Studies and the Hebrew Language Program at Brandeis University, the adaptation of the functional approach to Hebrew teaching at Brandeis University and the writing of textbooks on the subject. In addition to her professional positions, Prof. Ringold is one of the founders of the Council for Hebrew Language and Culture in North America, the Hebrew Language and Culture Teachers Association (NAHeT) and the Association of Professors of Hebrew Language and Literature in North America (NAPH). She is a pioneering woman who is an exemplary figure for teachers, students and colleagues in the world of Hebrew language.