The NATH is a professional association of Hebrew language and culture teachers of North America that is devoted exclusively to the needs of Hebrew teachers at all levels and is committed to the professional growth of all Hebrew teachers in North America.

The NATH Professional Association aims to bring together Hebrew language and culture teachers and researchers in Canada and the United States and to foster contacts with others throughout the world to advance the study of the Hebrew language, literature and culture in schools and other settings at all levels of education in North America.

Founding Committee Members:

Alex Blumin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Naama Artzi, Omaha, Nebraska
Esty Gross, Los Angeles, California
Einat Cohen-Nissan Glen, Miami, Florida
Binnie Swislow, Chicago, Illionois
Mick Fine, New York, NY
Eran Rosenberg, New Albany, Ohio
Frieda Robins, Boston, Massachusetts
Liat Kadosh, Atlanta, Georgia
Osnat David
Yair Spitz, Canada