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Read recent articles or view media that focus on Hebrew language and culture and the activities of the Hebrew Council and its partners.

Hebrew Learning Resources

Whether one is beginning the process of decoding the Hebrew alphabet or seeking to advance one’s Hebrew skills, the following are a selection of resources to assist the Hebrew learning (additional resources can be found in the NAHeT section).

Resources for Children

My Hebrew Playground My Hebrew Playground boxes offer interdisciplinary activities that have been carefully crafted to support Hebrew learning. Our kits include activities likes games, crafts and science experiments that encourage the kids to use the Hebrew vocabulary used in the book, as well as developing their Hebrew literacy skills like reading comprehension and writing.

Materials from Nefesh b Nefesh Encouraging your child to learn Hebrew prior to Aliyah will greatly improve his/her ability to acclimate to the school system and to the new social environs. Schedule a regular “Hebrew” time into your weekly schedule. Choose those tools that fit your child’s learning style and interests – that is the best way to engage them in this essential goal.

Resources for Youth

Let’s Talk Hebrew Now—for the first time—a light, engaging modern Hebrew text written specifically for 6th–7th graders who have completed a prayer program and are ready for a change of pace. In just 96 pages, four trendy kids party in Tel Aviv, shop in a shuk, ride a camel, swim in the Dead Sea, and celebrate

Resources for Adults

The Alef-Bet of Blessing This Hebrew primer is organized around the letters that form the six words that start most blessings: Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Melech ha’olam. Learn the Hebrew letters and the basic building blocks of Jewish prayer at the same time. Ideal for families to learn to decode Hebrew together using the free audio companion – each page of the book is read aloud.

Aleph Isn’t Tough: An Introduction to Hebrew for Adults, Book 1 A primer for adults to learn to decode Hebrew, especially those who primarily encounter the Hebrew language through Jewish religious life—prayers and Torah reading, the blessings and rituals of Jewish home observance, and words or phrases arising out of a Jewish cultural context.

Aleph Isn’t Enough: Hebrew for Adults, Book 2 A continuation of Aleph Isn’t Tough, for adults who know how to decode letters and vowels and how they combine to form syllables and words. Focuses on excerpts from the siddur, the haggadah, and the Tanach including key vocabulary and roots. Ideal for Introduction to Judaism and adult b’nei mitzvah courses.

Bet is for B’reishit: Hebrew for Adults, Book 3 Adult learners expand their Hebrew grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension by reading and translating siddur and biblical texts. Each chapter provides a range of Torah texts for comparison as well as commentaries on the Torah selections.

Tav is for Torah: Hebrew for Adults, Book 4 Picks up where Bet Is for B’reishit leaves off. This fourth book in the Hebrew for Adults series guides learners to read, understand, and translate sections from the Torah. For example, learners explore the nuances of multiple translations of the same text. Includes Jewish cultural knowledge, Torah commentary, and modern Hebrew poetry.

Hebrew Roots, Jewish Routes Whether you know Hebrew or not, linguist and cultural anthropologist Dr. Jeremy Benstein takes us on a journey into the deeper significance of Hebrew in the life of Jews and Judaism by focusing on the three-letter Hebrew roots that are the building blocks of the language. An entertaining and accessible read, ideal for adult education programs and as a gift.


Listen to the recent Podcasts about Hebrew from different resources

The “Language of a Common Dream” Edition

October 10, 2019, The Promised Podcast –
Host Yuval Mendelson along with Allison Kaplan Sommer, Noah Efron and activist, intellectual and educator Jeremy Benstein, author of the new book, Hebrew Roots, Jewish Routes: A Tribal Language in a Global World.
Please note that the story on Hebrew starts at 27:18 minutes and runs until 44:29 Minutes.
*The Podcast contains some explicit language*

Streetwise Hebrew

A bite-size podcast showcasing modern Hebrew and its slang. Host Guy Sharett explains what we can learn about Israeli psyche, society, and culture through the Hebrew language.

The host not only goes over popular Hebrew slang phrases and words, but also discusses how they fit into Hebrew culture and what they say about the Israeli psyche and society. The podcast comes out with new episodes every week and each episode is approximately 10 minutes long. There are more than 275 episodes currently available.

Hebrew – SurvivalPhrases

Maybe you don’t necessarily need to learn all the ins and outs of the Hebrew language. Maybe it wouldn’t necessarily benefit you to learn the Hebrew alphabet and how the letters fit together to make common Hebrew words. Maybe you just need to learn basic phrases and terms, in order to get you successfully through a trip to Israel or an interaction with a Jewish friend or colleague.

If that’s the case, you can tune in to the Hebrew Survival Phrases podcast, which teaches you just the most important phrases to get through daily life in Hebrew, whether you need to apologize, greet someone in a business setting or make a reservation at a restaurant.

Hebrew Podcasts

Hebrew Podcasts makes learning to speak conversational Hebrew practical and enjoyable. Each lesson covers a topic with a Hebrew dialog that is explained in detail. Each Hebrew lesson is enhanced by a lesson guide that provides further information. The guide includes a full transcript, translation, explanations, additional examples, and exercises.

Hebrew Culture online resources

Engage Hebrew language and culture through these great online resources

 Project Ben Yehuda

Project Ben-Yehuda aims to make accessible the classics of Hebrew literature (poetry and prose, but also essays, letters, memoirs, and reference works) to the reader of Hebrew. For that purpose, the literary works are converted to a format that is readable and searchable on the Internet. The project is intended to be of use for both amateurs and scholars of literature. It is inspired by the parallel English project started by the late Michael S. Hart called Project Gutenberg.


The Israeli broadcasting services (Former – Reshut Ha’Shidur) is offering a lot of content for free) TV shows, Documentaries, Radio shows, Podcasts…)

Ulam Kriaa by the National Library of Israel

Ulam Kriaa (אוּלַם קְרִיאָה) by the National Library of Israel is a wonderful resource for Hebrew Culture, literacy and creation. On the website you can register to online lectures, watch previous lectures and enjoy the library’s content.

Zemer – The House for Hebrew Songs

Another wonderful initiative by the National Library of Israel. On the website you can listen to Hebrew songs and learn a little more about them.

Tzavta TV

Tzavtaצוותא  (Beyachd, together), The TLV based theater has uploaded many of the shows to their YouTube channel for Hebrew culture lovers.

SERET International

At SERET International, the Israeli Film and Television Festival, we have enjoyed great success in bringing the best of Israeli feature films, documentaries, shorts and TV to London over the past six years, and we have expanded with new Festivals in Berlin, Amsterdam and Santiago, Chile. We like to feel we play a vital role in offering audiences a glimpse of the world-leading, innovative, dynamic and passionate film and TV industry in Israel. We also bring Israel’s top actors, directors and film makers to our Festivals for fascinating Q&A sessions to share their insight with our audiences. Israeli films are the eyes and ears of a new generation of filmmakers. They reflect a melting pot of cultures, religions and social backgrounds, encouraging audiences to rethink their views. They will make you laugh, fill you with wonder, provoke strong reactions and, of course, entertain.


Walla VOD

Walla, one of Israel’s leading websites is offering 67 FULL length Israeli movies to watch for FREE.


The Show must go on – Zappa Club TLV

Zappa club is a home to live performances of Israel’s leading singers. Due to COVID-19 crisis Zappa are broadcasting all concerts live and free for the public. Here you can enjoy live concerts and follow the schedule. Please check the daily schedule as it is subjected to changes.