Members of the Council

The Council members comprise a mix of all ages and experiences, such as educators, academics, rabbis, public figures and leaders in organizations, businessmen, lawyers, media professionals, and opinion-molders, as well as from a broad geographic distribution representing communities throughout North America.

There should be an appropriate balance between men and women, religious streams and movements in the U.S., and proper representation of all the approaches and concepts for teaching Hebrew.

The members are:

  • Committed to the promotion of the Hebrew language and Culture in North America, either in an academic context, the school system, community activities, or as a public figure;
  • Fluent in speaking, reading, and comprehension of Hebrew;
  • Willing to devote time to attend meetings of the Council three to four times each year – Council Members must attend at least one meeting in person and may join the others online;
  • Able to suggest ideas and initiatives to promote the Hebrew language and ready to be actively involved in those tasks the Council adopts.

Our Members

Almog Ari(Ariela)   Senior Lecturer in Modern Hebrew | University of Chicago

Avital Orit   Director | World Zionist Organization

Bachman Andy   Senior Rabbi | Congregation Beth Elohim

Bar Asher Moshe   President | The Academy of the Hebrew Language

Bar-Av Ravit

Barel Inbal   Director of the Hebrew Unit | World Zionist Organization

Bechor Diti    North American Coordinator | World Zionist Organization

Berman Sarah   Board Chair | Hebrew Charter School Center

Billet Heshie   Rabbi | Young Israel of Woodmere

Blumin Alex   Hebrew and JS Coordinator | MJDS​, ​​Milwaukee

Bohnen Michael   President | Adelson Family Foundation

Bolozky Shmuel   Professor of Hebrew | University of Massachusetts Amherst

Buckman Lee   Head of School | Greenfield Hebrew Academy

Cardin Sanford   President | Charles and Lynn Schusterman Philanthropic Network

Chanes Jerome   Author/Journalst

Chodorov Peera   Foundation Director | Bayit La Ivrit Rishon Le-Zion

Cohen Chaim   Co-Head of the Department for Activities in the Diaspora | World Zionist Organization

Cotler Ariela   Public Activist | Canada

Davids Andrew   Head of School | Beit Rabban

Deutche Peter   Founder | Ben Gamla Charter Schools

Dolgin Etty   Founder and Director | Gan Gani

Duvdevani Avraham   Chairman | World Zionist Organization

Elkin Josh   Executive and Leadership Coach

Federbush Emanuel   

Fraade Steven   Mark Taper Professor | Yale University

Gale Tal   Co-Director North America/Israel | Diller Teen Fellows

Gedzelman David   President and CEO | The Steinhardt Foundaion

Harwitz Edward   Director | The Jewish Educational Project

Hertog Susan   Author

Katzew Jan   Director | HUC-JIR

Kaunfer Eli   Executive Director | Machon Hadar

Kaye Jerry   Director | URJ OSRUI Camp

Kobrin Lawrence   Senior Counsel | Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP

Koller Aaron   Associate Professor | Yeshivah University

Kramer Marc   Executive Director | RAVSAK

Lanski Anne   Executive Director | iCenter

Leibovich Simcha   North America Representative | World Zionist Organization

Leve Marc   Associate | Sills Cummis & Gross

Levi Yaakov    Professor | University of Minnesota

Margolin Moshe   Senior Director | JTS

Mayer Tamar   Professor & Director | Middlebury College

Mintz Alan   Professor | The Jewish Theological Seminary

Morahg Gilead   Executive Vice President | National Assosiation of Professors of Hebrew

Rebibo Janice   Senior Program Officer and Technology Director | Hebrew at the Center

Reinharz Shula   Professor & Director | Brandeis University

Reinharz Naomi   National Director of Young Leadership | ORT America

Ringvald Vardit   Director | Hebrew at the Center

Robins Frieda   Judaic&Hebrew Consultant

Rosenbloom Michelle   HATC from Baltimore

Rubin Aryeh   Founding Partner and Managing Director | The Maot Group

Rubinstein Karen   Executive Director | American Zionist Movement

Schaap Eli   Senior Vice President | The Steinhardt Foundation

Septimus Bernard   Professor | Harvard University

Shulman Ahuva   Associate Professor | York University

Skopp Cooper Amy   National Associate Director | National Ramah Commission

Skydell Safran Barbara   Board Member | HATC

Sokolow Moshe   Associate Dean | Yeshiva University

Soloff David   Chief Executive Officer | Camp Ramah in Wisconsin

Steiner Richard   Professor | Yeshiva University

Swislow Binnie   Consultant | iCenter

Troderman Diane   Jewish Leader | Various Organizations in Jewish community and nationwide

Winshall Arnee   President and CEO | Hebrew at the Center

Winshall Walter   Founding board member | Hebrew at the Center

Wisse Ruth   Professor | Harvard University

Woocher Jonathan   Chief Ideas Officer | JESNA

Zeldin Michael   Senior National Director | Hebrew Union College

Zweiter Stuart   Director | Bar Ilan University