Aryeh Kobrin, Praesidium ChairmanOn behalf of the officers of the Council for Hebrew Language and Culture in North America, I am pleased to welcome the public to the newly established website. We are pleased to provide to the Hebrew public the vehicle for communication, reports, and dissemination of information through the means of this website.

The Hebrew language can serve as the connecting medium for all segments of the Jewish community today. Communication and connection through language can overcome differences which otherwise divide us, be they politics, religion, or ideology.

It is the Hebrew language which has over the generations served as the link of the separate parts of our people. At the same time, the language has been the vehicle to connect the generations. It is our belief that it can today, in the modern communications era, continue to serve as the means of connecting the disparate parts of the Jewish people.

It is through an ability to connect through the Hebrew language that we can preserve the continuity of Jews everywhere, and their relationship to the Jewish past, present, and future. We are hopeful that this Web site will afford a window and a link to Jewish cultural continuity to Jews of North America.

We invite all segments of the community to make use of the tools embedded in the site to communicate with like-minded individuals everywhere, to disseminate information about Hebrew language and cultural activities, and to invite others to participate in the work of the Council and its many affiliates.

Aryeh Kobrin
Praesidium Chairman
Hebrew Language Council of North America