Hebrew Language Academy Choir NY, Opening Ceremony, November 2013

Our Mission

Increasing the prestige and the dissemination of the Hebrew language in North America. Encouraging and deepening the learning of the Hebrew language and its use. Promoting activities to disseminate the Hebrew culture in North America and support the development of resources for various initiatives.

Articles & Studies

האוטופיסט מקזבלנקה

תביו של ההוגה מכלוף אביטאן מספקים הצצה לעולמם הרוחני של יהודי מרוקו. לאחר שכמעט ונשכחו מדפי ההיסטוריה, מפגש מקרי עם ההיסטוריון דוד גדג', חשף לעולם אוצר בלום של כתבים אוטופיסטיים של הוגה דעות מקורי וייחודי מיהדות מרוקו. מתוך הכתבים עולה תמונה של עולם רוחני והגותי שחלף מן העולם בתמונה: שדרות לה גאר, קזבלנקה, שנות ה-20 או 30 (צילום: Marcelin Flandrin).

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New Models of Hebrew in Schools

April 26, 2018 | JTA

Teaching students Hebrew is a top priority for the Chicago-area day school Hillel Torah. So to ensure it has a ready supply of native Hebrew speakers on its faculty, the school goes straight to the source. It recruits two couples from Israel for multiyear teaching gigs, flies them to Chicago .....

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Hebrew Language After-School Teacher

Tribeca, New York, New York

Hebrew School located in Lower Manhattan is looking for a Hebrew Language teacher for an 'Ivrit B'ivrit' class, 5:00 - 6:15 on Tuesday afternoons weekly, to begin immediately.

We seek to have our students develop facility in speaking, understanding, reading and writing
Hebrew. Our Hebrew program is taught through the immersion process (Ivrit B'ivrit) wherein the teacher speaks in Hebrew and the goal is for students to do the same. Must be experienced working with elementary aged children. Please forward resume and references.

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Annual Hebrew Conference

Hebrew: Legacy of Innovation

Come join the annual Hebrew Conference, November 4 - 5, 2018, at the DoubleTree in Newark, New Jersey.

Two days of Hebrew programming, including the annual meeting of the Hebrew Council, training and meetings of the North American Association of Hebrew Teachers (NAHeT), and the Morim Shlichim. This premiere event brings together educators, communal leaders, philanthropists, thought leaders, academics and a range of individuals committed to advancing the Hebrew agenda in North America.

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