Hebrew Language Academy Choir NY, Opening Ceremony, November 2013

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Increasing the prestige and the dissemination of the Hebrew language in North America. Encouraging and deepening the learning of the Hebrew language and its use. Promoting activities to disseminate the Hebrew culture in North America and support the development of resources for various initiatives.

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האוטופיסט מקזבלנקה

תביו של ההוגה מכלוף אביטאן מספקים הצצה לעולמם הרוחני של יהודי מרוקו. לאחר שכמעט ונשכחו מדפי ההיסטוריה, מפגש מקרי עם ההיסטוריון דוד גדג', חשף לעולם אוצר בלום של כתבים אוטופיסטיים של הוגה דעות מקורי וייחודי מיהדות מרוקו. מתוך הכתבים עולה תמונה של עולם רוחני והגותי שחלף מן העולם בתמונה: שדרות לה גאר, קזבלנקה, שנות ה-20 או 30 (צילום: Marcelin Flandrin).

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25 June NAPH Conference 2018


Yom Ha'Ivrit at SAR Academy

January 9, 2018 | Letter to Parents

Dear Parents, Yesterday we celebrated יום השפה העברית in honor of the 160th birthday of Eliezer Ben Yehuda, the father of modern Hebrew. In preparation for this special day, students in all grades learned about Ben Yehuda's life through stories and songs. When students arrived at school in the morning, they were immediately greeted in Hebrew by our bnot sherut, and stickers with Eliezer Ben Yehuda's picture were distributed while Hebrew music played in the background. In addition, words that Ben Yehuda created, such as רכבת ,בובה ,כדור ,גלידה, decorated the walls of the building. In the ELC, 4-year nursery and Kindergarten students visited each other's classrooms to teach their peers about the new Hebrew words that they learned (which were created by Ben Yehuda), and in the Lower School, morning meetings were conducted in Hebrew, also incorporating Ben Yehuda's contributions to the Hebrew language. During lunchtime, the Lower School students were excited to write their favorite Hebrew words on a gigantic board in the lunchroom, and even the kitchen staff learned some Hebrew to use while distributing lunch to the students. In the Middle School, each grade participated in a tekes in which students read stories and sang songs about Eliezer Ben Yehuda's life and the power of the Hebrew language. Of course, the whole performance was conducted in עברית! Some students signed up for a Hebrew spelling bee, and everyone competed in a chidon contest about different places in Israel. In Advisory, one person in each group was challenged to put together a puzzle of Ben Yehuda's face while blindfolded, and the others in the group directed him/her about where to put the puzzle pieces---only Hebrew was permitted during this activity. During lunch, every table was given a category, and the students took turns saying a Hebrew word related to their table's category. Finally, יום השפה העברית would not be complete without some singing and dancing to Hebrew music in the lunchroom! Many thanks to Nitzan Zeff, Chair of the Middle School Ivrit Department, for initiating and organizing this meaningful program. Hebrew was not only heard in עברית classes at SAR yesterday, but the language truly permeated throughout the building! Rabbi Binyamin Krauss Principal

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Hebrew Language After-School Teacher

Tribeca, New York, New York

Hebrew School located in Lower Manhattan is looking for a Hebrew Language teacher for an 'Ivrit B'ivrit' class, 5:00 - 6:15 on Tuesday afternoons weekly, to begin immediately.

We seek to have our students develop facility in speaking, understanding, reading and writing
Hebrew. Our Hebrew program is taught through the immersion process (Ivrit B'ivrit) wherein the teacher speaks in Hebrew and the goal is for students to do the same. Must be experienced working with elementary aged children. Please forward resume and references.

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Advancing a Rich Conversation about Hebrew Language Education

Read Hebrew Council Chair Rabbi Andrew Ergas' recent posting on the CASJE website regarding the interactions between CASJE and the Council at the recent North American conference and the importance of the dialogue between the field and the research agenda.

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